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Access Your Patient Information Online with RevolutionPHR

RevolutionPHR is a secure and robust patient self-serve portal that enables you to access and manage your personal eye care records, appointments, medical documents, and payments in a fast and personalized way from anywhere at any time. Your participation is completely optional, however, and at any time, you may call or visit our office to manage your eye care records and relationship with our staff and services.

Visit RevolutionPHR:
Revolutionphr button for Boerne Texas Jonson Eye Care

What can I do with my Revolution PHR account?

  • Update your personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, home address, and more
  • Download important medical forms
  • Complete your pre-exam interview and documentation online (this information is automatically added to your patient chart in our system, which leads to a more accurate and efficient exam)
  • Schedule or change appointments at your convenience
  • Check the status of contact lens orders
  • Review and pay billing invoices

How do I make an appointment online or access my patient information?

1. To make an appointment, call Johnson Eye Care at 830-428-0901.
2. If you are a new patient, you will receive a username and password to access our patient portal, Revolution EHR.
3. By clicking on the Revolution EHR tab, you will be able to complete your new patient information form which will go directly to our office software, making your appointment time much faster.
4. If you are an existing patient, you can use your current username and password to log in to the portal to see all of your exam information.